Bilbao City Council

Metropolitan Bilbao is home to around half the population and economic activity of the Basque Country, one of the most competitive European regions. Bilbao is a city that has been able to turn “problems” into “opportunities”.  The need for change, due to the decline of the industrial era, made the way to the new post-industrial metropolis. Over the last 30 years Bilbao has evolved to a modern and reliable city, it is efficient, friendly and an attractive place to live, work and visit. Today, the economic and social environment and climate of the city stimulates the development of new technologies, promotes innovative industry, with high added value, and boosts the tourism, culture, leisure and services of an advanced society. Bilbao is a city open to the world.

Provincial Delegation of Bizkaia

The people of Bizkaia have a unique culture, built on the wild beauty of the land’s mountains and coastal areas. It rests on the strength of having a language of their own, an architecture that brings together tradition and avant-garde, and a cuisine admired the world over. This unique culture makes us special.

From Muskiz to Ondarroa, there are lots of tourist attractions in coastal Bizkaia. You can visit lovely fishing villages, join in traditional celebrations by the sea or buy freshly caught seafood for a great meal.

 Bizkaia is not the same without the hinterland. The mountains, cavez and rivers are part of local history. They have shaped the local culture and lifestyles, and they are closer than you think.

Alzola Basque Water

Alzola Basque Water is the most balanced natural mineral water in the world. This balance of its chemical composition is due to the 25 years that passes by acquiring the minerals that give it a sweet and unctuous taste.

It outcrops in Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa) from a depth of approximately 900 meters and at a temperature of 29ºC. Who leads your life? Who decides what water are you?